TDP x-Ray

TDP x-Ray Lite 2.1

Visual tool for disk space administration


  • Fast, colorful disk analysis
  • Graphic chart lets you find large files and folders at a glance
  • Embedded in Windows Explorer


  • No support for exporting


It's only when you need to do a backup of your data that you realize how much space you're using on your hard drive. Now, what exactly is wasting all those MB?

With TDP x-Ray Lite you can easily find the answer to that question, and in a very graphical way. This application analyzes the contents of your hard drive and displays it in a colorful pie chart, where each section corresponds to a specific folder or file and is sized accordingly. That is, the bigger the section, the more space that folder or file takes on your hard drive.

TDP x-Ray Lite can analyze the complete hard drive or a selected folder. You can also hover over the pie chart to obtain more information about a certain area or right click for more options: zoom in, rescan and explore, among others.

TDP x-Ray Lite is embedded in Windows Explorer, so you can comfortably launch it from the context menu on any folder. The only feature I missed was the ability to export the results to any format (image file or HTML report, for instance).

If you want to know how space is distributed in your hard drive, and which are the largest folders, TDP x-Ray Lite can lend you a hand.

TDP x-Ray


TDP x-Ray Lite 2.1

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  • by Anonymous

    This is a great app.
    I use it for a long period of time and this is the simplest way to find the largest files a...   More